***** Kathy McIntire *****

I am a long term resident of Baltimore Ohio. married to Matt for twenty years and a mother to five teenagers.

Art IS my everyday life. I have been a working artist for 30 years, selling my work locally, nationally and internationally through various galleries, shops, trade shows and the internet.

I attended OSU College of Art as well as CCAD and the College of Wooster. over the years I have continued my education in the arts through various venues including the Columbus Cultural Arts Center, the Decorative Arts Center, adult education and private instruction. My background includes a broad range of study from foundation drawing, color theory, textiles, sculpture, painting, art history, mixed media and art education, as well as learning through self-taught explorations.

My goal as a teacher is to bring the joy of creative expression to everyone- young and old alike- regardless of PERCEIVED level of abliity--there is an ARTIST WITHIN all of us.


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